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Preschool education is the base of children's knowledge, skills and abilities. The cost of private kindergartens. A child under 6 years old as the sponge absorbs information that it sees, hears, perceives and tastes. In preschool institutions kindergarten teachers help parents with their hard work – education of the child, teaching child at the age of how's and why's to be the clever, developed, creative persons. Do you wait for your turn for months? Your child doesn't go to preschool. How to receive the permit in day care center? There are two ways of an opportunity to use state services, to solve a turn problem in kindergarten. The first way – to await with impatience and who knows, you might get lucky – how fortunate to get the place in day care center. A second way is getting a job in kindergarten and you will be given the permit as the employee of preschool. Children's private gardens prices. A one more problem: education prevents teaching, and you don’t want to work as a nanny. The easiest way to receive the permit in kindergarten - a private kindergarten – an opportunity to get the child in group with age-mates for communication and harmonious development.

Kindergarten for children

We are glad to see you in a private preschool!

There are the groups of a day for children from 1,5 to 7 years in the early childhood education centre. Parents cannot worry, there is not only look after the kid in private kindergarten, but also high-quality teaching, sports and creative development, there are only 10-12 kids in group. Children in day care center will be fully fed and are put to bed in time. The price of a private kindergarten. Compliance with the regime is an important point in children education. Skilled specialists: three educators, subject teachers, logopedists are engaged with children in creative studios hobby groups and classes. The private kindergarten with a full service is in demand from parents. Excellent responses, besides for everyone with whom the problem of turn in preschool is solved due to your recommendation we provide a discount for services of early childhood education.

Kids in day care center are educated and study through game activity - it is a primary activity for children of preschool age.Physical therapy at early childhood is a formation of the musculoskeletal system therefore particular attention is paid to this kind of activity. Jobs in the private kindergarten. Physical culture teachers for each age category of children choose individual classes. Musical classes: the vocal, choral singing and dances so loved at children. Here everyone shows the creative abilities gladly. Painting, a designing and modelling carry away by the mysteriousness. Children in a day care center study to mix paints - to receive new colours, creating art masterpieces. Rolling plasticine – learn to feel structure and to understand properties of material. Teachers have a creative approach for teaching, using various natural materials: cones, acorns, dry flowers, seeds of plants.

To get the child in preschool

All fidgets are carried away by fingerplays. At preschool age a fingerwork develops small motor skills that influences development of speech skill and children’s intelligence. Meanwhile they together, funny sing: "Giraffe has the specks", "Monkeys walk!", adding the amusing movements of the hands and fingers. Monkeys turn. In preschool a particular attention is paid to teaching the development of the speech, writing, counting, foreign languages. To queue kindergarten. Professional teachers by the most modern techniques well explain to children numbers composition, a difference between unvoiced and voiced consonant. Stage-struck children place on a table seven goatlings, and the most active puts on a mask of a wolf. Children at the age of how's and why's have no time to miss, understanding the world, they seek to find out where roots at trees, how it drinks water, why birds fly to the south.

Studying and development of individual abilities of children is one of the main tasks of kindergartners and professional teachers. In-home day care center. The developing weeks: air transport, electric devices, sports accessories, music, toys, hairdressing salon stimulate in everyone development of individual abilities. Private gardens. Children learn traditions of the Russian holidays "Autumn Ball", "New Year's Carnival", "Father Know How to Do It", "Mother Beloved, Kind, Lovely", "Holiday of Spring", "Shrovetide Has Come", "Victory Day", "My Favourite Birthday" and others. To private preschool children run with great relish, smiling greet the teacher Lyubov Mikhaylovna noticing what she has a beautiful blouse today. They see all subtleties of the huge world, a task of professionals – to help children in kindergarten to embrace the boundless. In kindergarten preschool children spend the great part of their life; it is important that this time should be used constructively and gladly. Parents are responsible for this question not less than tutors! Private kindergartens jobs. You have a deciding vote – in your hands fate of your child, the place in kindergarten or turn in kindergarten … Private kindergarten for sensible, careful parents and happy children.

The entry to the kindergarten

How to sign up for kindergarten?

To join the turn in preschool, you need to fill in the application form carefully on the site having specified contacts and information about the child, passing paperwork. Private gardens job. Carefully write down the contacts in feedback section and head educator from private day care center will call you for the approval of the application. The cost of services is individual and finally will be calculated after talking about conditions necessary for your child.

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